Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today Robert is 60 years old. Dawn and family came up with a great gift for him.....all of his favorite songs which I'd like to share with you now....beginning with a birthday song and a GREAT BIG KISS!

This song has a funny story attached to it. After Robert's mission, before we were married, a bunch of guys wanted to see Patton, the movie...just the week after it had won so many Oscars. 4 couples piled into a Ford Pinto...no, not piled...crammed like sardines. And we went to a drive-in theater no less.....suddenly, smothered by bodies, came Robert's voice, singing this song. And it was the song that we often sang when our children needed some calming down. Great job, McKenna!

And here's another sterling performance by one Brave Connor....and again this is not only a favorite song, it's also one of Robert's favorite stories. I've heard him read this part and also relate it and always ends up very emotional.

Now this one...wow! I just don't know how to express how I feel about this song even tho I know it was meant for Robert. When our 5 kids were young, we sang this song in Sacrament Meeting as a family...all memorized and joyfully sung. How appropriate that Dawn and Ken would teach their children this song as they drove along in the car, memorizing all the words. I loved it that Ken sang the men's part in the chorus...so like Robert would do. And I also think this is a song that typifies Robert...Robert has always put his shoulder to the wheel. He loves duty, honors duty, and believes in not shirking even tho many have often chosen to shirk. I think that Ken and Dawn are both like Robert in this manner...both of them seem what needs to be done and do it. Dawn is much like me and often feels a bit left behind and our men go about doing what they were destined to do, to become what they are destined to become, despite human failings. That's life...learning, re-doing, improving, getting better.

So thanks Barretts...these are perfect! And I will convert them so that when/if Robert gets an iTouch he will be able to keep these with him always (not to mention they are going to be on mine by noon). What a great birthday gift!


Dawn Mercedes said...

I think most of those songs we sing much better in real life. But the camera puts people off. Maybe we'll call Papa and sing them to him in real time. Not sure about today b/c soccer, soccer, GS Service Unit Meeting...whew!

Lin said...

fun collections of songs and memories preserved forever. you certainly are a musical family and that tradition is trickling down...

JP said...

Bravo! Bravo!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

awesome gift you guys!

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