Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Where do you go, when you travel? Is it in your head or in reality? Im a stay at home person...and there are times, tho' not agoraphobic, I think I might be creating that. I'm fearful. That's the bottom line. We used to not have money to travel so we didn't. Not that we have money now but we have resources since all the babes flew the coop.

But I travel all the time in my head. I read a story and am there. I see a picture and see myself there. I had dreams of visiting Ireland for real...but I'd want it to look like the Ireland from the movie, "The Quiet Man". I would love to see Williamsburg again some day...a long time since 1968 when I saw it for the first and only time.

Perhaps traveling to Atlanta last week, made me a little more willing to explore the possibility that I could leave home and survive. A friend has offered us a trip and we are going to take it. I'm scared. That's still the bottom line.

So where do you go when you travel? How do you get there? What do you think about? Does anyone else travel in their minds?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I am almost always some place else in my mind...time travel mostly. I have too good of a memory.

Just click your heels three times if you get too scared and say "There's no place like home."

Lin said...

interesting you should mention travel as i'm now in a motel room in no. idaho. we traveled by car two days to get here. my hubby doesn't like to fly so our trips are to see family or scenery. he used to work here years ago. where are you going on your trip? you should go to france of course!

kimlis said...

We have traveled by car to visit family in-state. When m-i-l lived in Arizona, we flew once that I remember and once by train; each a very different experience. We've driven to Michigan, DC, Virginia. Planning makes the biggest difference to enjoying the experience the most.

I was terrified taking off and landing in the plane travel. 9ll more or less put a kibosh on wanting to fly again. By car, there's always nervousness in me about breakdowns on the road, horrendous traffic, and getting lost in a major metropolitan area. Interestingly, driving in the country doesn't bother me because I know generally in which direction I'm going and therefore about where I'll come out.

I read, therefore, I travel. What would Nicholas Sparks' books be without imagining the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Richard Paul Evans wouldn't be as good reading without imagining being in SLC area. Where the story is set is indispensable to the story so you've got to 'be' there to get the most out of reading.

Oh -- and I visit the home I grew up in frequently in my dreams -- sometimes in my imagination...

I'd love a world at peace and living in harmony so I could travel to all the places I'd love to go.

That's why I read the Cambodia blog so I could get a sense of being there without actually being there and why I wouldn't have missed their fireside for all the world....

JP said...

I love to travel but love coming home as well. And, yes, I travel in my mind, but love it more in person.

Dawn Mercedes said...

well, let's see, I travel to Webber Elementary...over and over and over and over again each week! haha

Shelly said...

I love the beach,but hate the sand kinda silly uh? Eric likes adventure. So what ever we do it has to have enough to keep him occupied while I relax at the beach/pool on beach. I think my next vacation will be the big D..I'm kinda scared. 3 princess crazy girls at Disney . I'll need a vacation upon return. Better yet we could spend a few days at Disney then go the beach.

Millie said...

I have been traveling since I was 4 years old. Planes never bothered me until now that I am older...I dread the thought of getting in another plane. But in my mind I have traveled the world more than I can count. That's the beauty of imagination. Actually a couple days ago I was in India visiting my good friend Lucy...Ya that's the ticket! Actually after that I flew into Hawaii to surf on the ocean. Not bad for an old fogie in with a great imagination who loves the great outdoors.

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