Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Picnic Weather

April 27 and we've been basking in mid to upper 80 degrees. It's been really nice, although out of character for our usual springs. But we will take any good weather when it comes, and for however long it opts to remain. And it's not going to last past Monday....(it's Tuesday now and the rains have already begun).

Our flowers are all budding, especially the Gladder trees both here and at 809. Niko has taken to sun bathing in the yard in the afternoon. So last night, altho my family and friends won't believe it, I actually ate outside on the patio. Too early for bugs, no sweating, just a pleasant meal.Hard to take a picture of ourselves, ever notice that? And I didn't want to go get the tripod.

Robert did the finishing up on the grill

And the 27th is our 443rd anniversary. This is what Robert presented me when he came home from work....and yes, we always seem to have overdue library books. Sure love Library Week!
But April showers bring May flowers....and what do May flowers bring?


Lin said...

how fun a picnic. we had one with dan's family a few weeks ago during spring break. it was 80 here yesterday. may flowers bring summer's heat.

JP said...

May flowers bring SMILES!

marissa said...

i love this photo of you and dad eating! it's probably one of my favorite ever.

Jocelyn Christensen said...


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