Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Past Weekend

As is how my weekend went.

Saturday started with a full day on tap. First was the most fun shower I've attended in ages. The shower was for Sarah who is marrying my best friend's son, Corey. However, they live in Louisana and so Pam threw this great shower by webcam. We had games and gifts, and so did Sarah. Pam thought of everything, including wrapping Sarah's game winning gifts in the same paper that we had!

The cam was set up in her livingroom, attached to their large screen TV. It was like having Sarah in the room. The banter was as if Sarah were sitting there, beside us, enjoying the moment. All the gifts had been sent to Louisana already but not opened until "gift time". So we could all enjoy seeing her enjoy our offerings.

And then came the great food...including petiti fours which I haven't seen/had for years and years.

From the shower I went directly to Tom and Tamara's wedding reception. It was such a fun reception even tho we knew very few guests....Robert had married this sweet couple while I was at the shower. We wish them both many years of happiness.

Then same Sunday...AFTER the disasterous fall in the garage. Sunday was the day I got to see my friend from my youth...Larry and his sweet wife, Melissa. In a comment written in the last blog entry, my daughter Cara asked about the "famous Larry" coming and how fun! Well, it was the famous Larry and it was fun. (Yes, Larry was the secret love of my teen heart. It's his name that adorned many of my school notebooks...but alas, he only had eyes for Cris and she so did NOT deserve him.) But this was not the same sort of fun as in the previous shower and wedding reception.

This was the kind of fun that occurs very infrequently which is as it should be. This is the sort of joy that comes when kindred spirits reunite and discover that their paths may have been different for a few years but that the paths have merged and they find themselves on the same road. That was a special moment. Larry is in his bishopric in LasVegas. Melissa works with the Young Women. They are happy and in love...continuing to hold to the rod. Sadly, however, Larry had brought back his mom to be buried next to his dad, just up the hill from where my parents are buried. I doubt Larry will be back often...he seems to thrive in the desert and hurts in Ohio...but I always hope he will bring Melissa back and come play with Robert and me again ... and I hope it's before another 30 years go by.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Handsome couple...

Lin said...

fun to reunite with friends from the past. unique party-how did you eat the food-virtually?

Dawn Mercedes said...

Your hair looks really good, Mom!

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