Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the Leafy Treetops

This weekend has been beautiful for so many reason, and a bit hard for one. Yesterday I honored the 5th year of my mom's death and today is the 1st year since my dad died. I learned that you really do need one full year after a death to really start healing from the grief...and I am so ready. I took flowers to their graves as I had promised I would do and believe it or not, I did feel comfort. I have always said NO FLOWERS when I die and I still mean that. BUT yesterday when a daughter told me she wouldn't be doing that for me, I sat amidst the beflowered gravestones and imagined mine always bare (but then, none of my children live near me so why would I expect anything else...well, duh). Oh well. That's death for you! But I was so blessed to have had my mom be my mom for so long...and 4 men to father me during all my life.
And now I live/eat/sleep in my mom's home. So she is always near.

And a thought about sleeping upstairs these days in her bedroom, basically in the leafy treetops. Birds. It's spring. And the birds all seem to be very happy to be awake. They love being the first to see the sun and this morning they most definitely felt the urge to TELL EVERYONE. It was like some Tab Choir multiplied...only with this Tab Choir I could hear and understand every word......And every chirp before 5am seemed to say GET UP! Problem was...I didn't wanna. But this was always my favorite song so for your listening pleasure.


Lin said...

how fun to sleep among the leafy treetops...

Millie said...

After I painted that bedroom, I always thought it was peaceful, pleasant and a very refreshing room to sleep in. I could easily imagine waking up there in the mornings among one of God's prettiest sounds...His singing choir of angelic birds.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Oh sure...NOW I get the guilt trip. I'll just plan on buying flowers for my kitchen table and I"ll call out to you to let you know that are for you.


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