Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Lucky for us the weather was lovely and NOT hot in Atlanta last week. We had a marvelous time. Dawn and her family graciously, and lovingly, watched pup Niko for us and that was a big worry off my head/heart...I love that dog and hated to think of him cooped up in a cage for a week.

We drove to Atlanta and spent the first night at Marissa and Hank's apt. Hank and Marissa are turning into great chefs and they prepared great meals for us. ( our family food blog for recipes) Hank's family started to arrive, as did Cara and her kids so we scooted over to this amazing place, Homestead Studio Hotel and had the grandest of rooms with basically a full kitchen and all the dishes/pans we would need. And at a price you would not believe.

On Thursday we were able to be chaperones for Marissa's art student/art club's trip to the High Museum to see the TerraCotta Army from China. It was wonderful. Seeing Marissa's room and talking with her students was quite a remarkable experience...to see a baby daughter be NOT a baby daughter any longer.

On the way home, Marissa took us to a French pasterie shoppe where Robert could enjoy his beloved pain au chocolat. We really should have returned and gotten him at least one more, despite his saying that he didn't want to overdo a good thing.

What's not to overdo?

We were able to go to the Atlanta temple on Friday morning and Robert was able, by a surprise turn of events, to run into another missionary who served his mission in the Franco-Belge and the 2 missions overlapped by about a month. That was a special moment for Robert.

Hank's graduation was the reason we went to Atlanta. Our 'Henry' had gotten very close to the president of the Portfolio Center who also is a HENRY...so if you continue to the following entries you will read the honor Pres. Henry ? paid to our Henry in calling him Henry Jr. Hank's work truly is amazing. He has this portfolio which we haven't seen yet, nor have him explain it but we look forward to that moment....it's what he will use as he looks for a company who will appreciate his gift as much as we do. We were so excited to see this big moment and are glad that Hank now has a few days to unwind. Then he's off to NYC for a portfolio something or other...a big deal something or other and I really ought to know the facts. Maybe he'll add them in the comments sections. What follows this? Hunting for employment.

We all headed out to a delicious dinner, at 9:30pm...I know...can you believe that Robert and I actually were still awake and partying? We were up at a good time on Saturday and had breakfast at The Waffle House. Can you see the grill? Can you see all the wonderful food? I loved it...I think we need one of these places in Sheffield Lake...maybe on the corner of Lake Road and LakeBreeze...where Jocelyn's old Hardee stands. I think I need to contact the company and request a consideration. I'd be eating there all the time.

Then we were off to a mall about 20 minutes away that had The American Girl Store. I couldn't believe the hoopla and was just grateful I didn't have my girls when such a rage was in full swing. Man! The prices of the clothes. I could buy an outfit for the price of some of these things. But it was worth the experience. Can you imagine a hairsalon just for the dolls? and what's more...you get to KEEP the cape after the hair has been 'done'. But they give out good instructions on how to care for your Girl's hair.

Then we came back to Marissa and Hank's apartment and get ready for the BBQ. Hank's parents bought all the food, we helped prepare it, Kathy makes these killer cookies and says she will recipe share and I am hoping she remembers! Then we were off to the banks of the Chatahoochie River. Hank BBQ'd burgers, brats, and dogs. The weather was ideal, the kids loved playing along the river bank.

I am sure I am leaving out a lot of the trip but who really wants to read details. But please, faithful readers, be sure to check out the next 2 entries for more pix and a short video of Hank's moment of graduation. It was a great trip and I am so glad we were invited. The trip home was done in all rain UGH and then Michigan had more detours than a week before. But Dawn and Ken had dinner waiting for us, the kids were delightful, and we gathered up Niko who loved being a Barrett for the week and hopes to return in June for another Barrett week. Home arrived at 11:30pm....exhausted but happy. And I think the time away did Robert good. Here's a silly pix I took outside the Portfolio Center but I think it's how he really felt.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Fun wrap-up and fun picture of Dad

Lin said...

sounds like a lovely time with family here and there, celebrating a special occasion and having fun eating, etc.

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