Monday, April 06, 2009


Why is that we like food so much? A few weeks back I read something about weight gain and over-eating which struck a chord with me. The article said that when we wanted to NOT over eat we ought to remember that there's always going to be good food tomorrow. And that sure did sound correct to me and since then, for the most part, when I have been tempted to keep eating just for the sake of eating, I remember that comment and stop. And I haven't starved to death yet.

I had set up a blog so that my family could post some good recipes. Lately it's just been Marissa and Hank who have done so but you really need to try the sandwich that they posted this past weekend. Robert and I had it for lunch and it was a great blend of flavors. Hopefully the rest of my kids will get with the plan and share some good recipes. I hate to make the same stuff all the time and am always on a quest for good recipes. My mom enjoyed that part of my baking/cooking. And then dad loved eating with us just because he enjoyed a wide variety of dishes.

So thanks to Hank and Marissa....will be trying the Hot Toddy dessert next. And I will remember to post some of my favorites as well.

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Lin said...

checked out your recipe page-it made me hungry just reading through all the combos...

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