Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Destructing and Gardening

South end of Shoreway being torn down. Read it here.

We went up in the cold rain yesterday to watch the south end of the strip mall get demolished...expected more -- faster, would have enjoyed an implosiong Now that would have been fun. But no. It was all ceremonial at 11am and then all the workers left for lunch. Read in the article linked above that the old Hardees may be the next to go (as well as Minotti's empty building and possibly even the post office) with council's approval. Our mayor, John Piskura donned a white hard hat and took the ceremonial punches at the back wall. Robert was on hand in his CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team) hard hat (for fun) should a need arise.

Apparently the areas being torn down will be planted with grass, and become 'green'.

And to the other topic: Gardening. Jocelyn started Robert thinking about having a Square Foot Garden this year. Then Cara sends him a total how-to book. So this is about needs the cross strips yet. We have them, they just aren't in place yet.

It's still a bit early to plant the starts (altho I did buy 1 heirloom yellow pear- shaped tomato and a good slicing red tomato and 4 cukes) in the area but Robert has planted the peas and the onions and soon the beans down at 809 since Mike our renter isn't interested in word is that he's retiring in June and will be moving to SD by month's end.

For Robert's birthday he asked for fruit he is getting ready to plant 2 cherries (one royal ann and one bing) and a plum tree. He also got 2 different
varieties of blueberries
which is what's needed for good pollination.

And as we all know, I am not the outdoor gardener but again, thanx to Randy, I am increasing my 'garden' of succulents. Today I found a Madagascar Palm

as well as this Lithop or living stone. Please go this THIS link and read what Randy has to teach you about these amazing 'stones'. I was about ready to order one on line but instead found it at Petitti's in Avon. His pix are much better and he has such lovely varieties. But I'm happy with what I have....for now. It is just so much fun! Thanx again Randy for introducing me to more INDOOR fun.


Lin said...

wow talk about a green thumb. I'm so impressed. You have two gardens and indoor plants-too bad you can't eat them. We gave up on gardens-it's too hot here for even tomatoes to set but do have our anniversary garden which is filled with perennials that are coming back. Hurrah!

Dawn Mercedes said...

as luck would have it...I always check your blog on the wrong days. back from Michele' to bed...

Millie said...

Yummy fruit trees, what a treat. I hope you can and freeze some of those fruits for winter. Gladys was always into freezing. Too bad about the shopping center. Hopefully you guys can get some nice stores out there.

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