Monday, April 13, 2009

Bucket List

Today I watched The Bucket List...when I should have been cleaning house, as we ready to go first to MI to drop Niko off to play with the Barretts and then to Hotlanta to play with Marissa and Hank, who is graduating from the Portfolio Center on Friday.

Today I got an email from Larry...who has started the grieving process and is missing his mom.

Today I put up a new pair of curtains on the one window in the family room and missed my mom. Taking down the old ones was no big deal...but making that window mine, was.

Today I de-decorated the Easter things and thought a bit more about resurrection and wished I had a Bucket List...but am glad I don't need one......yet!


Millie said...

I think you need some BIG here it is. OXOXOXOX

I hope that makes you feel better!
Today eventhough I am dragging with my hip and leg pains I made some delicious bread sticks and eggplant parmessan. I'll post them with my recipe soon on my vegan blog. Would you like some. Let me know. Hugs...

Lin said...

good to finally hear from you on your blog again...I just blog daily and think the rest of the world should too. have a fun trip...I'm sure it brought back lots of memories exchanging the curtains and maybe one day one of your daughters will do that also...

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