Saturday, March 28, 2009


Interesting emails I've been reading since I posted the Glenn Beck video. I get the liberals who hate him. The conservatives who hate him. The liberals who don't know which end is up and the conservatives who don't either. I got the people who hate him cuz he's LDS...and people who hate him cuz he's LDS but is a terrible liar/person/reporter/whatever.

Interesting that only two people were interested in talking about WHAT he was was saying...not how, now who he was. I've been attacked because I was Democrat, as if I only vote straight ticket. How in the world could an LDS person be a Democrat? Gee...I can't imagine.

Sad that people only wanted to talk about Glenn Beck but basically not a comment about what he actually was telling us.

Yep, I'm a registered Democrat. I do not think all Democrats race out for abortions nor do they all believe in it. I vote for a lot of Democrats and then again, for a lot of Republicans. Nope...did not vote for Obama and if he runs again, I won't then either. I see him for what he pretends to be and for what he is and sooner than later, so will everyone else...everyone who actually looks and listens and investigates for themselves.

As I said to a friend (actually a family member..who is a friend btw), I don't believe much any of what the networks say. CNN tells it one way. Fox another. MSNBC the same. Each network, whatever network only tell their sides. And there are so many sides. If you limit yourself to one network, you miss the possibility of hearing truth from other places.

And to another I said I was looking for a brand new party to step up and set things right. It ain't gonna happen. Not yet...but when it does, I know who it will be and how it will happen. We've all been told. We all know. People have all the Tea Parties they isn't what's going to change taxes. But if it makes people happy to think they are being heard, then good for them. They are at least doing something. I'm not into boycotting nor into demonstrating. I sang the songs in the 60s...and people are trying to write new songs? Better they bring out the old ones and see what was trying to be said back then. Maybe I will next week...who knows.

So to those of you who hate democrats and Glenn Beck...I'm sorry to have intruded in your lives. But it is my email, my blog, my rights. And it's yours to delete, not read, think for yourselves.

My old friend, Doug, had a birthday today...55, I think...and this is a quote from his meme "Our life is our fault. " and I have to say I totally agree with him. Your life is your fault...wanna do something about? Then do it. Our life is our fault.

Whoa...Marissa used to say Whoa! a lot...and it fits right now. Night All!


Lin said...

susi's getting political. lol! I watched the video, didn't know he's a mormon but that's okay. wasn't too impressed to tell the truth can't remember what he said-my husband watched it too. I voted for Obama and pray for his success. someone needed to lead us out of this mess but who knows if he can. I didn't want Sarah Palin as possible president if McCain left the scene. I try not to get involved in politics. Just live each day doing the best I can...

Hank said...

Susan, I know you're a seasoned pot stirrer (or muck runner as you may put it) and I took your bait in the email and I'm gonna let it rest here ;). I'm not sure where I fit in the categories of persons you laid out in your post, however, for the record I'm not upset, I don't hate Glenn Beck and I'm probably more often than not moderate, how else can you have an open mind?

On one had, I expected some of your thoughts and questions regarding the matter. We're off the gold standard, in debt and the economic struggle is being felt worldwide so…?

On the other I felt strongly enough that the video was irresponsibly put together that it warranted attention and since I'm never running low on opinions from you ;), I opted to discuss the video.

Broken down his case looks like this:

"Hey I'm a family man, I care that they understand the news and I think Al Gore is full of crap therefore you can trust me. Let's go to Hannity's set since we all like and believe what he has to say (read: Let's go to Hannity's set since I need credibility), once we're there I'll show you like I showed my son what this graph means. Okay we're in. Never mind context, never mind what it really means, it's just scary, so run for the hills and on your way there tell your family and friends (multiple times if needs be) how scary this is."

Facts are stubborn things as they say but the story you use to deliver those facts can change the whole message (aka "WHAT he was saying"). "How" is just as, if not more important than "what" especially in instances like these. I don't keep up with Glenn Beck enough to have an opinion to fall back on but his message seemed half witted and incomplete and to that point I don't feel like he is helping me or anyone else think constructively in regards to the economic climate. While to me the video is information clutter, it is nice to have something to talk about.

Not convinced they are the best but what I'm able to listen to most often is Marketplace and Planet Money. So if you ever want to discuss those shows I'm all ears or eyes for that matter.

We're looking forward to seeing you and Robert soon! Have a great Sabbath.

Nicole said...

I try to avoid politics as much as possible, mostly because my dad and relatives used to fight about it all the time. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks you don't have to make a decision based on abortion.

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