Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wednesday March 4

Although yesterday was still a bit cold, the sun shined and it was very nice out. The one thing I always thought would be nice to have (while at 809) was a kitchen window that looked out into the yard. Now I have one. I was standing at the sink, doing dishes, talking to Dawn, when suddenly this splash of red caught my eye. Right in front of the window is this bush that shelters many little birds from the elements. But yesterday, in flew this Cardinal! I think he came for a rest deep within the branches. I ran for my camera and kept snapping pictures til he came out where I could get this one. Obviously the pix was shot through the window pane and screen but it's still a promise of sunnier, warmer days...even tho the faithful Cardinals do not leave for winter. It was a great splash of color! I love my window out onto the world.

Then, while we were gone to Indiana this past weekend, my succulent decided to flower as well. Randy told me this would happen. Well, I figured it happened for him, but maybe not for me...but look Randy...a lovely little pink flower. I was thrilled. I will keep my eye out for more succulents. Diane started me on my first one, and then I added this one and one other one last December after stopping by a garden center for a Christmas cactus. There's something absolutely amazing happening in the spring..after the world has rested for the winter. Then up pops the little heads of rebirth everywhere. Out the back door, are all the little spring bulbs beginning to shoot up. Cannot wait to see which of our flowers from 809 have survived the move to 3830 as well as the ones my mom planted years ago.

Have a great spring day wherever you live. For us..we are due for 52 degrees...and even warmer by Saturday...


Dawn Mercedes said...

YOu need to add a song to the blog...that spring song..da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Millie said...

AHHH....there is a sure sign of Spring. What a treat.

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