Sunday, March 08, 2009


For this blog entry, I feel moved to post 2 videos. This first one is a moment that I really like....despite it being a Budweiser commercial and one you have probably already seen often. Look at it again, with new eyes, new heart. Skip the booze sponsor and think how you talk, how you run your lives, what do you do for others (plus it's really short). A friend told me yesterday that she was having a bad day, an off day, a sad day. We all get them that is for sure. We can choose to allow those emotions to ruin our day and our family and our lives...or we can actively get on with life and sort out what needs to be done and do it. In both of these videos, I hope you see how you can make a difference in other people's lives which in turn alters yours.

The second video will take some time. So you really need to come back here and be willing to watch this Award Winning short's just about 17 minutes. And you can't just watch the beginning and think you know the don't. Naturally I think TJ Thyne is a hottie and his eyes are to kill for...well, not kill but you know. I have to admit, since Jill sent this to me weeks ago, I have watched this often. Sometimes just when I'm in the room here, I turn it on and listen to the words if I can't just sit and watch....but I know the video so well that I can do this. Yesterday I was at a baby shower and the dad-to-be was present. As we went through the activities and the couple were not sitting next to each other, the man made a comment, a silly sort of comment, and I watched his young wife, with eyes equally to kill for, look at him with such tenderness and humor. I rejoiced that love can exist in the world, does exist. And I know that even in the worst marriages, it can be rekindled. It takes a lot of patience and openess and most of us are not too interested in being open. We get hurt and then we close up for good. And when we are shut down, we are really shutting down from everyone. I know that among women friends the same thing can occur and we need to always find ways to rekindle that which we lose. And might mean we open ourselves for more hurt but it's how we get through life and learn. So I hope you enjoy these 2 videos...Just sit back and take a break...grab a nice cup of cocoa, milk, pop, a good candy bar....let the messages wash over you as you consider your own life.


Lin said...

well that was sweet and well worth my time today as it's been one of those days for various reasons. thanks for a lift. validation is so important and it's sometimes easier to give than receive but when you give, you receive...thanks!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That video was pretty much awesome.

Ryan said...

I really enjoyed Validation -- thanks for sharing!

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