Monday, March 16, 2009

To Christensen's we went

And sang Bonpapa's Pennsylvania song entering and exiting...We had a lovely time...will post pictures in a little while...but til then, here are 2 videos for your viewing enjoyment. Yes, we are old farts who had to take our dog along with us. Niko loved it. My sweet baby girl is such a dancer...and in the dog video? The chocolate lab, Georgia lives across the street from Jocelyn...but look at Guy hiding between Robert's legs to protect himself from the frolicking dogs.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Two good moments to remember!

Anonymous said...

ok Ms. Jocelyn....OLD Mrs. Mihalak joined Facebook. Your mom laughed at me today because I called it FACESPACE...hahahah I am already having problems with the stupid thing but I'm hoping to be able to help with some of the things that might come up with any of Brookside reunions. Still love each and every one of you. Especially the bratty ones. I remember that Jordan was the only child who walked through his peers to bring me flowers.

The story your mom wrote about Chase had me crying too. My dog Keagan is 13. When I had the knee replacement, there was one living creature who stayed by my side night and day...Keagan. She didn't even want to go outside on the nice spring days. hello and thanks ladies. I'm off to have Sherri do her darndest to make me beautiful (no easy matter at age 65) Me...not Sherri. LOL As always..Mrs. Mihalak

marissa said...

hilariousness! i think rather than scarlett resembling me, she bears a more striking resemblance to hank when she's dancing. hank dances like that around the kitchen when he's playing mad scientist with our food. i mean, EXACTLY like that.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Hank, ew!!!!!!!!!!!

and Thanks, Mrs. M...I'll look up up on Facespace!

Hank Trefethen said...

J you aren't supposed to picture me in diapers!

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