Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Three cheers for Hank

OK...if you look behind my Marissa you'll see Hank (and I love you with long hair...grow it again, please). I just got an email from him with this good news:

I got invited to be a part of the NYC Art Directors Club portfolio review in May. I'll be one of 100 students there from around the country. I'm excited and hopeful. As I'm told it's an old and very important association. Hopefully old and important enough to get me a good job!
We are so thrilled for him. And just as hopeful that he does land a good job. Hank finishes up his schooling at The Portfolio Center in Atlanta this April. What an accomplishment! So congratulations, Hank.


Dawn Mercedes said...


YOU ARE AWESOME! Knock their socks off, buddy boy!

Lin said...

lots of luck on this st. patricks day...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Awesome, Hank! You are a superstar!

Ben said...

Oooh! Nice. That will help in job hunting. The portfolio is also key - but I'm sure Hank knows that!

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