Tuesday, March 31, 2009


You know...I am skipping Saturday which was a perfectly perfect day but I will post that day's events when I transfer the pictures.

Sunday...all excited to get to church. And not just because it's a church day...but it's a day that an old friend, Larry and wife Melissa, would be joining me. Larry was the to-die for heartthrob of my youth. Never dated him. Never kissed him. Just dreamed about him. He only had eyes for Cris (and she was SO not worth him). He played football for Woody Hayes and hated him so transferred to BW and played for Jim Tressel's dad and LOVED/ADORED him. Larry has been taking care of his mom in Las Vegas for the past 6 years after his died dad, and now the mom has passed away as well. Larry brought the mom back here for burial (and it's perfect, they are resting just above the hill by my folks!). But Sunday...they were coming to Lorain.

First I assure you I was NOT hurrying. I just had forgotten to bring a tote that belongs to Diane. So I went back in to get it. As I stepped onto the garage floor, I heard this POP..and let me tell you, hearing was just as horrible as feeling...which came next. Next thing I knew my ankle had buckled under me and I was in this very strange position on the floor. Took me several minutes of pain before I could right myself and get up. Got to the car and discovered my right ankle swelling and the stockings already with runs. Well, I just didn't care about that. By the time I made it through 2 hours of church IN shoes, I was now OUT of shoes to last the last hour and then some (2 baptisms). Did get an xray on Monday. Not broken but a very bad, nasty sprain. I'll live. But it was not nice.

The best thing about the xray yesterday? It showed that I probably did break my ankle in 2002 when I stupidly thought I could climb this mountain and be a 'pioneer'. I didn't know it then and didn't get it treated. So that adds to the weakness...darn! But hey...so does being 60. all I have to do is have my ankle strapped for 2 weeks and then do some strengthening exercises.

So that was my Sunday...yes I had a great time with Larry. Loved hearing him talk. Loved sharing my friends with him. Had hoped he would come back to lunch which was all prepared but he had lots of people to visit with. Good thing, since I just came home and stayed in bed the rest of the day.


Jocelyn Christensen said...


Millie said...

You forgot to tell your audience that I Millie massaged it and caused you to yell in pain. I'm sorry. I hope its better soon. Keep it wrapped on the brace. Hugs.

Lin said...

I think your mind was elsewhere...sometimes we just need to slow down especially at your advanced age. I'm almost 9 years older than you-you young thing. Fun post..get well soon.

teamk said...

you poor poor thing! Are you going to post a pix so we can compare your sprain with Jake's?

The famous Larry came to town? How fun!

Shelly said...

So sorry to hear about your ankle. Sprains are nasty. I wish you a apeedy recovery!

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