Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DVDs to iTouch

You all know how I love my iTouch. Thanks to Nate, it was one of those 'I've gotta have' items. Thanks to Randy I now can do more for nothing.

You all know Randy by genius friend who likes saying he's just a teamster...but let me tell you, the teamsters oughta be grateful they have him and figure out how to use him better, more efficiently. The things he could try and teach the rest! I say TRY because in my case, that's always the biggest effort.

Randy came to deliver a package to Robert (hey Swiss and Hank...your Christmas gift card got used and dad's so happy) and whips out his iTouch and shows me the movie he's watching. Now remember, I had my iTouch first so I thought, 'Oh, you bought a movie! Cool.' But really, should have known better. Randy can always find the best for nothing. 'No, he says...I converted my movie to the iTouch.' From there began the lesson.

His blog will eventually detail everything you'd want to know about the iTouch or iPhone...and he's correct, he ought to write a book. Anyway...he directed me to this link which in turn directed me to this link. I've had the DVD decryter for a long time, again thanks to Randy. But I downloaded this version just to be more current. And anyone who is interested, on the sites it specifically says to use your own DVD copies. So've had the caveate.

It took me extra long because my computer did an unfriendly didn't complete the download but acted like it did so when I tried to get the movie to my iTouch, it couldn't locate it. But altho it took longer because my computer is getting older and is slower than a modern one but it causes me no problems normally. And I'm old. And I'm getting slower so why should I complain.

So there you have it. I'm going to be putting several of my favorite DVDs on my computer so that I can upload one or two when I'm traveling. But be smarter than me. If you are going to buy an the biggest one available. I just figured what I bought was fine and it is....but now, I can see myself (IF I had a larger one) putting on a lot of movies. But truthfully...that's not very practical. I'm fine with what I have.

And what I have are 2 great very young and one not so young...who encourage, enable, and support my quest for technological dominance.


Lin said...

it's great we all help each other to learn. I gave another power point presentation last night to my writer's group on blogging and using the internet for a resource. What's a itouch? I have an ipod I haven't really used yet that dan gave me for christmas...

Ben said...

@ Lin
an iPod Touch is an iPod that's closely related to the iPhone in that it uses touch-screen technology. So instead of a wheel, you navigate by tapping and pressing your fingers against the screen.

Any good applications I should get for my iPod Touch?

Dawn Mercedes said... are a gadget junkie!! way to go, old lady!!

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