Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Remember this post?

Well, these were an amazing treat...and one I have decided I have to learn how to make. These are not the macaroons of my mom's kitchens, nor are they made with coconut. So I started the hunt for recipes and hints. Chris's wife emailed a link to the recipe she had tried and I found a valuable piece of advice that says the egg whites have to be old. I'm on it! Not sure mine will ever be as wonderful as what Chris brought to Robert nor will they have the love and generosity attached....just sweat and probably close to swear words if they don't turn out perfect. But I'm going to try. Thanks Emily. And if there are any french pastry chefs out there who can help, just let me know.

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Lin said...

you are ambitious. I admire your interest in cooking. decided I'm going to make it a new hobby of mine. going to take a diabetes cooking class tonight to get some new ideas. diet as in eating less carbs is #1 on my list now...salad anyone?

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