Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hey all...this is my friend Larry and his wife, Melissa. I wrote about him before, a few entries back. He called again last night and oh what a fun discussion. This has been such a boost to my old age (and yes, as he said, I am older than he is.....just get over it Larry!) So I figured until I get around to answering his last email, I would post this pix and surprise him. Because of course, don't you know, he will have to tune in, become another loyal reader, and we remain in touch. Who needs Facebook when you have friends who actually know how to pick up a phone and call! Amazing.


Lin said...

nice photo-you have lots of friends. I don't like facebook-it seems so juvenile but have lots of family and friends who have discovered it but don't read my blog...oh well.

mom/caryn said...

What... an actual personal, voice to voice conversation?? WONDERFUL!
I miss that quite often. I love hearing my children on the other end of the telephone line... seeing an old friend across the table from me. I miss Lin face to face. There is something about reading the nuance in tone of voice and facial expression that deepens communication so much more than the written word. I LOVE the written word, don't get me wrong... I've found great comfort and inspiration in them. But, with old friends, that personal touch is irreplacable. How else can you commune with someone so completely? I love having enough time with an old friend to be able to chat and laugh... and then just sit together soaking up sunshine, the whisper of the leaves, and one another's souls.

I just signed up for facebook to keep in touch with a couple of people. I don't like it very well, either. It seems so "on the surface". Eegads! Whatever happened to my youthful spirit of lighthearted fun?

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