Friday, February 27, 2009

Forget the Eagle


Robert and I, along with Pam...were at the doors before they opened at 7am. We were beyond excited. Silly people! But oh my! What The Apples store has done to the former Giant Eagle. Everything is freshly painted, new signed, new features. You wouldn't believe it! So, here are some pictures...because we enjoy the oddest things.

it was a bit raining by everything smelled like spring, even warm. Here's Pam and me outside...her husband, Ken, bought a planter for the store in welcome The picture is blurry but obviously I wasn't taking the picture....for once I got in a picture and you can't tell. Altho that might be a good thing since I didn't put on my makeup
nor did my hair. But you can see how happy we are!

And look how happy this policeman is now that he can get to the store....Yes, that's Pam trying to get besdie him but I snapped to fast.
And this is the Deli with Robert looking glad he's as crazy as Pam and I.

And this is where early morning shoppers can gather to have a warm cup of something and a donut...which by the way we bought some...right out of the good when there are warm donuts.
This picture is for Jordan...We love our meats! Give me meat and potatoes any day....Please faithful comment about that comment.....;-)

Next is Robert in the pickles aisle...he loves his pickles.

Here we are checking out....Nice lady took off her glasses and then closed her eyes...oh well....
And brand new large carts with the Apple name on the handle.

No! Thank you Apples.....We will be back!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Welcome to the neighborhood, Apples! Love the pics...Haven't heard from you in a while...have a safe trip.

Dawn Mercedes said...

THanks Apples! You are going to be the Apple of Sheffield Lake's Eyes!!!

Kate said...

Looks great, we'll have to check it out next time we're up that way. Glad you had a fun morning!

Millie said...

I love Apples. I go to the one on Meister Rd. But I'll definitely go there to check it out.

Lin said...

glad you are happy...never heard of apples. by the way got my story today-thanks. enjoy your new market and spring which is giving evidence of coming sometime soon.

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