Monday, February 02, 2009

Creativity in Evansville

And here is Cody, performing on his bass for us while we visited.
This is lovely Miss Ella Peace...and her artwork follows:

The picture below was made by Pirate Peter on the left in the pix above. We think this Tiger is quite advanced for a kindergartener.


kimlis said...

Yeah Cody. Ella looks a lot like Cara. Peter's tiger is gr-r-r-eat. I love the lace tablecloth. Keep up the good work Jacob and Cara.

Lin said...

nice art...aren't kids creative.

Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh yes ! that is an advanced piece of art for a kindergartener!! Save it forever, Cara. And make it into cards too...little blank cards. Oh that would be adorable.

LOVE the bears and animals Ella P. Wish you lived closer so you could craft with McK and I. We have been making clothes pin dolls. Tons of fun! I"ll see if I can remember to bring some the enxt time we meet up!

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