Monday, February 23, 2009

Ant Farm

I always wanted to have an ant farm when I was young. At that point we didn't have a dog but my mom did have a great singing canary. But I wanted a pet and somehow thought about an ant farm. I didn't get one...ants in the house? What was I? Out of my mind?

As I think about it, I am sure I was swayed to this desire by watching the Wonderful World of Disney...all about ants. I distinctly recall the show about the Secret World of Bees, even had that Disney book at one time. Loved that series. But anyway, ants, tho I don't go outside much, really still fascinate me. And yesterday I saw a bunch of 'ants' in action.

There was a Linger Longer held after church yesterday. You know, a kind of potluck. As luck would have it, Jill, Tara, Rose and I were to be in charge of this one with the help of a couple others. As misfortune would have it, Sunday arrived only finding Jill, Rose and I around to do it...when SUDDENLY, OUT OF THE HALLS/ROOMS/CLASSES streamed in these amazing "ants". Ants of all sizes. Mostly women in the kitchen but also a couple of children. All willing to help us put out the food, the serving pieces, the plates, the napkins. Fill the water pitchers. All the while the male "ants" were setting up table after table, and all the chairs. They made our assignment so easy to handle. It was absolutely amazing.

You could barely get into the kitchen for all the help. Ladies were cutting up the pans of lasagna, making and tossing salads, filling and refilling the serving dishes. And all were going about their duties laughing and having a wonderful time. Previously a quote was given in Relief Society from Rabindranath Tagore....."I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was duty. I acted, and behold--Duty was Joy." (thanks Jill for that reminder). Yesterday I saw that in action. All my sweet friends, both male and female, were happy to serve and then eat. Thought of others before self. So here I am, at 60, with my very own ant farm. Hooray!


Lin said...

everything comes to those who wait...

mom/caryn said...

I'm so happy for you... I was beginning to feel sorry that you had to grow up without ants for pets... almost like not being allowed to like the beaters. tee hee.

I could visualize your Sunday afternoon linger longer. Well written!! It's amazing how we get scooped up in serving one another in a situation like that. What a joy both to see and to be a part of.

Dawn Mercedes said...

is that green jello???

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