Saturday, January 31, 2009

Something from Paris

Chris Musso called the morning with a surprise notice of a gift. He was in PARIS just yesterday and brought something home for Robert. Since it was perishable, he thought he needed to get it here fast and is currently on his way. So my camera is ready and I await the moment he arrives.

But was that not just amazing? This amazing man of stories (better than Pres. Monson's stories cuz we've heard his several times--not being disrespectful, just stating the obvious for those of us in Lorain) remembered how Robert is such the Francophile that he would remember to bring him something.

And that reminds me of a time Robert was on the High Council. A man also on the council arrived for a meeting one night, and had a spiritual thought to give. But he had a piece of sagebrush for Robert because he knew that altho Robert had become a Buckeye, he still missed the sagebrush of the SW corner of Washington state. Ira Myers, now long deceased, had actually lived in the tri-cities when Robert lived there and had returned there for a trip, picked up the sagebrush, roots and all, and presented it to Robert. We planted it but as you can guess, OHIO does not grow sage brush. But the gesture was so appreciated.

Hillary and Jordan find interesting "french" stuff and right now 2 of them are in Robert's church office. One is a lovely Eiffel Tower lamp and one is an Eiffel Tower decanter, filled with peanut M&Ms....which always gets replenished.

OK...Chris has arrived in time before Robert leaves for Columbus with the youth. And what did he bring? Mes Minis Macarons made from "Paul's Maison de Qualite". Thanks Chris!

(And if you are wondering why Chris' arm is extended it is because Niko thought his hand was as tasty as Chris looks! Sorry about that, Chris....)

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Lin said...

what a great smile of pleasure and delight is on robert's face. he looks so distinguished with his gray a bishop or something. lol

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