Saturday, January 31, 2009

Samuel's Baptism

I know, I know. My blog entries are a little backwards. But as I think about things, that's how they get posted...not in any specific order.

We went to Evansville, IN, actually, to attend Samuel's baptism. This is Cara's 3rd child to turn 8 so it's a special deal and a special boy. Sam has always been the one with the most amazing physical strength. He's so cute and has a great sense of humor. I think he's the silent strong type actually. It was an event for everyone that is filled with excitement. Getting a family picture was a bit difficult. Finally Cara enlisted the aid of another man to keep the kids attention while I snapped the picture. There was a lovely group of people who came to watch Jacob baptize his son...and give the baptismal talk. Robert gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. What Robert does for each of his grandsons as well as for every young man in the ward at baptism is to present them with a compass along with this story:

When he was a youngster in Primary, there were co-pilots and pilots. Being 7, he was in the younger group. His teacher announced that during his lesson, there would be facts they needed to remember and that at the end of the lesson, there would be a quiz and a prize. Naturally, Robert being Robert then as now, was reverent and paid close attention. Every one else was irreverent and giggly. And so Robert received the prize which was a compass and it is a compass that holds a place of honor in his drawer to this day. And usually he brings out his own, old compass which has seen many scouting trips, and then compares the compass which directs you to the Holy Ghost. Inevitably, the kids are thrilled with the compass and spend a lot of time during the rest of the program investigating much for reverence. Samuel's older brother, Cody, received his compass from his grampa Robert as well and now that he's going with the scouts to things, he brings along his compass and orients himself in and out of places. It's a nice connection to a lovely bit of family history and we hope the boys connect to the story and keep their compass as long as Robert has.

Afterwards, we enjoyed ice cream sundaes at their home and more gifts to open and enjoy. It really was a fun night. It was great to see his dad and his grampa be so moved by this sacred well as to see the excitement and support from all Samuel's friends.

You may wonder what we give the granddaughters (and Robert to the girls in our ward who are baptized)...and they are not left out. Our custom is to present them with a lovely stuffed bear with a card attached that reminds them of the things they will bear:

I will remind you to:

BEAR testimony of Jesus Christ

BEAR his name to all the world

BEAR one another’s burdens

BEAR one another’s infirmities

BEAR all things that come your way


The Holy Ghost BEARS record of

The Father and the Son

And you are to never BEAR false



Dawn Mercedes said...

still waiting to see ella P's artwork!

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kimlis said...

The gifts are such an uplifting idea. Go! Robert! What a wonderful way to spend a day. Best wishes Samuel! Looks like Cara and Jacob are doing a fine job of raising their children.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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