Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Funny how 3 "hello"s as one entry managed to receive some cute responses...and it is those responses that made me think I might continue to blog for a bit longer. Actually, I was helping out Millie with those double-spaced "hello"s. Maybe it some freudian thing where in fact I was asking myself, "is anyone home?" and then decided, well, I guess I am.

Below you will find a few pictures from our holidays. Another friend, Deborah, lamented the fact she didn't take her camera back to Zanesville to the family celebration and thus there were no pictures. I commented that the pictures from special events are more often better stored on the film in our hearts....leave the camera for the memories and cherish them. I was too busy to take many pictures of Christmas Eve morn's breakfast or any other particular moment, expect the actual gift opening. But I hold dear the memories of many moments this past holiday.

We had a nice Christmas but it was rather quiet, especially compared with Thanksgiving.

We started Christmas Eve morning with a breakfast Open House for friends and neighbors. We served a breakfast casserole (thanks to Jill's recipe), lots of pancakes, cinnamon rolls, juice, milk, water, and whatever else. It was great to have so many friends come and share the morning.

Marissa and Hank drove up from Atlanta and it was great having them here, even tho I thought they didn't stay long enough. But I understand that they have their own lives to live there. Marissa made sure Santa arrived for Robert and my stockings this year which was a wonderful treat as well as the gifts. I'll always love pop-up books...and was delighted with this huge set of Burt's Bees cuz I've always wanted to try this.

Jordan and Hillary arrived late Christmas Eve afternoon and left about 1pm on Christmas Day to celebrate with Hillary's family. On Thanksgiving, Jordan discovered my father's army footlocker and asked to look inside. I've always thought it only contained his uniform but lo, it held albums full of pictures, kept safe from light since World War II. What a joy. Jordan took the whole footlocker home to look through it but actually they scanned all the pictures so I could have a digital copy of them as well as some hard copies that can be interchanged in a new, but vintage looking frame. It was a lovely gift.....bittersweet, because I always get MAD when I think that he had to die when I was 4 months old...I so wanted to know him and am not to thrilled about having to wait til the eternities to do so.

The day after Christmas we brought my godparents here for another party. Patsy and Johnny both knew my father so they had some interesting things to tell us. Jordan thought my father looked young and innocent. Marissa thought he had the devil in his eyes. She was correct, according to Patsy. Apparently my father used to hang out on street corners with other young men, none had any money to do anything else. They didn't get into trouble, they just hung out on the corners, tossing pennies and whatever else young men did in the early 40s. Patsy says my dad loved his cigarettes, his beer, and women....and then he met my mom and changed. But she says, he was most definitely a rake. And everyone loved him.

Saturday brought temps in the upper 60s so we decided to dedecorate and that included taking down the few strands of lights outside. It felt great to have a clean house, clean yard. I was ready for the new year. I am ready for the new year.

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Lin said...

fun to see you family christmas photos. glad you are back...after your three hellos it was goodbye for awhile. you can't stop blogging, you're the reason I'm now teaching blogging to so. utah!!! So there Suzy Q

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