Friday, January 30, 2009


A couple of Mondays ago (I know, I know...I've left these blog entries pile up in my mind) we had a FHE with the Herzoff's. Fun kids come into the home in a run and it was such a good feeling to see the excitement. Please Kate...don't take offense but this is what it reminded me of. When my kids were young, we were up here with my folks, having a FHE. There was a knock at the door and in rushed the most beautiful white, curly-haired, and LARGE cocker spaniel, named Lance.

We had agreed to take on a pet, finally, and in a way "rescued" Lance for the people who could no longer have him. Lance arrived at a up the stairs, down the steps, around and around the circular home here...followed closely and faithfully by 5 kids. And this activity was repeated when we took him to his new home at 809 a few minutes later. We loved having Lance and really missed him when he died. But seeing Calin and Naiya come in the same way was a delight.

Back to the FHE. This night we enjoyed Noah, a game of 'Noah Says,' and then the dad, Darin, started my lessons on juggling. Well, I'm still struggling but at least I have an idea of it. I must remind myself that it takes time to get this right...probably even more time that it took for me to learn how to whistle loudly through my teeth. I'll keep at it, cuz it is a goal.

But the fun moments came as we ate our scones...and loved watching beautiful Naiya who discovered she could see herself in the reflection of the kitchen window, next to the table. She really was enjoying the look. And everytime I sit there and see my reflection I am reminded of Naiya and then that what it looks like in the other dimension? When the veil gets thin does it get a little wavery and watery and are we attracted to it? Do we stare at it? Do we look? Do we wonder? Well, I for one, know that I do and I will.

Jan asked me if anyone had ever died in 809 because the man who is renting from us now hears voices. We never heard voices. I think he needs to stop drinking whatever it is that's allowing him to hear voices BUT nonetheless, maybe there are voices there for him to hear. I think there are voices that are here for me to hear. And I wonder if I am hearing them correctly, and am I listening. Is someone sitting just inside another dimension watching me and wondering "what is she doing?" Or better..."Good Job, Susan!" I hope for the latter as I strive through the former.


Lin said...

it's good we don't know what all is going on in the next dimension. we'd become paranoid! voices can be felt too. I wrote a poem about my ancestor's voices. interesting posts. have missed your posts susi Q.

marissa said...

SPOOOOOOKY! We were lucky enough to never hear voices...but that's probably because we caused way too much noise in that poor house! just a tip for your renter-stay out of the basement because there are vampires behind the water heater and they are always on the prowl! in all seriousness...the basement is a creepy, creepy place in that house. i always felt it and don't feel it that way in any other house. maybe what he's hearing are cosmic vibrations of all of us, calling out into the void...

Kate said...

I enjoyed this blog, and the FHE. I apologize for my rambunctious children, my attempts to teach them good behavior seem to be in vain.
Perhaps you never heard the voices in 809 b/c at the time you lived there the home was dedicated to the Lord and filled with the spirit.

teamk said...

Hey! I lived in the basement for...close to 10 years and I was only spooked once and that was because Mom told me about her scarey Leperchaun story at Parma. But after that....I was toasty warm or chillin from the heat listening to all of you stomping around upstairs. Good times! Good times!

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