Thursday, January 29, 2009

January '09 Snows

We need just over 2" more of snow in order to make the all-time snow fall record. Back on Jan. 10 we had a lot of snow that fell and I took a couple of pictures showing Robert out there, in the cold, moving the snow. Also the snow in the little alleyway beside the house. The snow blower he is using is one that Roger had purchased...and it was well used for many years. But on that day, it decided to quit working. Robert took it back to M&M Mowers to get it repaired. However, I took the phone call on Jan. 17 from them and apparently there was nothing left to repair...the whole inside was annihilated. Apparently the model Bonpapa bought was for small areas, little snow...sort of like a porch area.

I hustled Robert out the doors as soon as he returned from Columbus and said we need a larger that will do us good service. Robert has never just cleared our snow. He would do 3830, and then all the sidewalks down to 809 and then other side of the street's sidewalks back up to 3830. And often along the way he would take care of the widows' or senior citizen's driveways as well. So we bought this lovely electric start, self-propelled Ariens.

Then along came Tuesday's storm. Actually, I had not clue how huge a storm this was til Jordan told me. Sure enough, he was right. The storm stretched from the western side of Texas straight up to Maine. And boy did we get dumped on. Here in Paradise we probably got at least 12" but not the ice that Jordan and Hillary and parts south received. I asked if I could learn how to use this snowblower and when Robert came home from work, he gave me a lesson and I was off and running.

Don't you love how far the chute shoots the snow...almost 50 feet. I kept the speed at TURTLE, slow, so I had to actually work. Robert runs it at RABBIT speed but then he gets cold from not having to exert himself as much and then comes in to get warm. But I managed to do the whole driveway and sidewalk.

The big problem for me was the wind that seemed to want to blow the snow back at me. Even with the face guard, man! those snow crystals really hurt. I didn't have a method for getting rid of the real pattern, but I got the job done. Changing the chute direction was a challenge at first. But I am so gald we have this larger, more powerful machine but have always been grateful for Bonpapa's original toy and how he was willing to allow us to blow his snow out of the way. He so liked to do things himself.And yes, I do know how to dress for the weather. My friend, UPS Randall, stopped by when he was sure it was commend me for actually getting out and doing this. That poor man had such a struggle delivering, as did all the UPS workers and postal workers. There was no place to walk, nor to drive. I hope he was correct...I hope UPS actually called in their workers at 6pm. It was too cold and too dangerous to stay out much later.

So that was our big snowfall. We had a snow day at the schools (altho Cleveland schools did not). Jordan and Hillary got the day off. I heard from Dawn that her kids did have school and some snow but I don't think they got what we got. No word from Jocelyn on her snow totals. Cara's area is at a virtual standstill. Evansville doesn't have snowplows for the streets. Everything is closed...malls, stores, gyms, schools, etc. And the next subdivision over has no power but Cara does. I think Marissa and Hank are probably just shivering in 57 degrees and no rain, or so they report... but look at the fun they missed.


Millie said...

You look like a giant frozen tootseie roll. Good photos.

Lin said...

are you really having fun-looks like hard work to me. we gave our snow shovel to the people that bought our last home. we have virtually no snow-one storm a year and it melts soon. Love it-the only way to retire... it's 52 degrees today and I went for a walk and sat on a park bench overlooking a lake and golf course nearby.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Nope...we got nothing like you did. Just some snow. Still the same cold as all winter. The librarian at school told me today that we are supposed get 7 years of cold winters...and not so hot summers. B/c Lake Erie is reportedly iced over, the melting ice will keep the Spring hazy...or so I was told.

Kate said...

I've never used a snowblower, but it sure looks like fun.

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