Friday, January 30, 2009

Inheart and the Twin Towers

Now to start recapping our lovely trip to Evansville (where for once THEY are snowed in, the city at a total standstill).

Cody and I have read the Inkheart trilogy. While I was there, Cara said we could see the movie made from the first book.....And even Ella was allowed to come, too. By far, the book was so much superior to the movie, and sadly, that probably means the other 2 volumes will not be put on the big screen...only the big screen of our minds. But it a totally enjoyable experience. Our heads could fill in the gaps of the movie and we had a great time. We went to some movie theater with a most interesting name. But better than the name, was the theater itself. You don't meet a ticket seller behind glass windows, in a booth. This young man was most welcoming and was just standing behind this curved counter. And the ticket taker was pleasant. But the girl behind the concession counter...she was perfect. She needs to be in charge. And for me, being able to put on my own 'butter' was such a welcome treat (altho Marissa would probably be freaked out at my layers). This picture above was taken after the movie...we actually saw the 10:10am movie...and then after a stop at Walmart, Robert and I had to head for home. But it was just so much fun to take these growing up grands to the theater and have Cody treat us to the popcorn.

Most of you know I enjoy Origami and folding paper money. So it was fun altho a bit of a shock that Cody could tell me about the $20 bill while we drove to the theater. When I was young, and always visiting our relatives in Canada, those relatives would often show us how, if you rolled, the Canadian bill over your finger, just so, you could see the devil's face in Queen Elizabeth's curly hair. My sister and I loved looking. So back to Saturday...on the way Cody tells me to turn around and see the burning of the Twin Towers. I'm like you have got to be kidding? How did this exciting fold totally miss my knowledge? But it did. I needed a closer look and then Cody showed me how to fold the bill so I could do this, too.

Today, when I stopped by the library, I showed the librarian this wonder...because she's in charge of the teen Origami folding event and Chinese Water color painting this summer. We had talked about these 2 classes when I was in before and I informed her that I would be the adult stalker unless she added at least the Water Color class for the adults. Sadly, she already had seen this. Now tell in the world do people think these things up. I am amazed. But as you can see....truly this fold could make it look like the Twin Towers are ablaze. Thanks Cody and was a great morning.

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Lin said...

that's great you make the effort to visit your grands. it's fun as they get more grownup to talk and interact on a different level. looks like you had fun.

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