Monday, December 08, 2008

You're funny Marissa

Now, despite my editing, Marissa is upset with me (just teasing, Mom)....OK...Marissa sets a nice table altho I haven't ever seen it. But I have seen her vacuuming in heels...mostly stacked. There was a time when she hated being tall....and before that a time I thought she'd be a teeny tiny girl forever. Suddenly, she was taller than the boys and hated it...but almost overnight she found great joy lording it over all the students that she was so much taller than the rest. Even tho she won't admit to being 6 feet tall...she claims she's 5'11 something". The heels arrived, even the white go-go boots had heels. I ought to find a pix of her at homecoming in those boots, with that boy who was shorter than her anyway.

I'm sorry, Swiss....I don't know your table setting skills, or the vacuuming skills of the present but i promise you, You will have that assignment every day you are here over Christmas. Then I'll even take some pictures and blog them. I should not have left you out....sometimes, a blogger can never make anyone happy. But like Ricky Nelson's Garden Party...I'll just please myself.

AS I DID TONIGHT. Since Robert was working afternoon shift, I called Daphne and she's so good to toss whatever she might have planned to go to the movies with me. We saw "The Secret Life of Bees" which turned out to be a very good movie....but certainly not the book. But it was a pleasure to please myself, eat popcorn laden with butter (marissa, did you read that?), layers of butter actually, and share a movie with a friend. If you want the lighter version of the book, see the movie. Want the better story, get the book.

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Lin said...

wow you are getting's about 40 degrees now and raining. we had some popcorn tonight with butter too. I love it-haven't had it for ages but sometimes you just have to and it doesn't have any sugar! I enjoyed the book and the movie. That's nice you have a fun to go and do spur of the moment things.

Dawn Mercedes said...

It's good to know that we all set the table nicely!

marissa said...

actually, i DON'T set a table nicely, but i never was one for going with the crowd, eh?

kimlis said...

I liked the movie. I read the book several years ago. Thought the movie had the basics. Will have to look at the book again...

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