Friday, December 05, 2008

Wise Men Still Seek Him

First a gift I was given this summer. If I remember correctly, Rebecca's parents received it last year but .... well, they shared with me. It didn't come with lights but Jan is good at the hole drilling. She arrived right before Thanksgiving, having finished not only the hole but had added a strand of lights for me. It very pretty illuminated this way.

I have always liked that saying, Wisemen Still Seek Him...but I usually don't push my personal beliefs on my friends. I think He prefers us to look for Him until we find Him.

But what about this thing...wisdom. By now most readers know that there's a magnificent difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom does involve knowledge and understanding intuitively the experiences we have...and applying all this to solve our problems. I have lots of incredibly brilliant friends but I wonder how many are wise. There are moments when I get close to feeling smart but I have been trying harder to work on the wisdom aspect of life. Not sure it's something anyone can on wisdom...without some real concentrated effort, a separating oneself from the world and trying to see what lies beneath the obvious.

What concerns me are the people I know who would rather defer to the smart people and not even try to learn, read, study, apply, work through whatever. They are often anxious to comment or share but then are sure they don't know enough to even try. Perhaps wisdom is making the best or most of the knowledge we gain....Perhaps it's making all the wildernesses in our life come together into some form of civilized thought.

So....who or what are you seeking today?


Lin said...

I'm seeking some rest after working on printing out and assembling poetry booklet-100 so far for 4+ hours today. Enjoyable with my writing friends but tiring none the less and we continue tomorrow.

mom/caryn said...

This is a beautifully written and thought provoking post. It is strange how often too many of us accept the opinions of those that we feel are better educated than we are supposing that they must have deeper insights than we do.

One of the grander parts of aging is that we become more comfortable with our own thoughts and ideas. We have less dread in sharing them because there's less concern over whether or not others will approve and/or agree.

I loved this post. I love so much of your soul. You would make a wonderful chat pal.

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