Tuesday, December 09, 2008

a thought from Caryn's aunt

"If you're going to miss the bus anyway, you might as well miss it running after it." See Hollow Thought's blog

I think it's time I start running. I had to stop my piano lessons yesterday...well, let's say the 'school' stopped me and I'm disappointed. I could only do 2 lessons a month and they really want weekly. So they've moved my lesson time around and now have claimed they can only do it as the first or last lesson of the day and the times don't work for me. But I learned a lot and there's no reason why I can't continue to practice as I had been doing.

And there are other things I need to practice...my accordion, my knitting, my sewing, my cleaning, my joy, my serving. Lots of buses to chase after.

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Lin said...

hey i missed this...good quote from my friend caryn. she's really full of lots of extraordinary ideas. we clicked early on but she was so busy running for so many buses, it took lots of energy to connect and make times and appts to meet. she's a real estate agent part time which is 24/7 but a great friend when we can connect every few months.

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