Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Leading up to it I spent days making lists, making beds, setting tables. And then redoing all those things again! I have made a slide presentation of the pictures I had taken and hope that my son-in-law, Ken, shares the one he took of the table...(s). I had the diningroom table with 2 leaves put in, the guys moved in our lovely kitchen table that also has 2 leaves, then we added the tea cart with the drop leaves up, and also a card table. So all 24 of us were able to sit in one long table. It was actually so much fun to be able to look down and see everyone.

Dawn and family arrived first on Wednesday, followed by Jordan and Hillary, then Jocelyn and her family, and finally Cara and her family just after midnight. Steve's parents were here from Colorado Springs, CO, and Robert and Ken picked up my godparents from Euclid, OH, in the morning on Thursday. The only ones absent were Marissa and Hank, who were Turkeying it in TX with Hank's family...but miss them we sure did!

The first order of official business was the blessing of Autumn Frost. This is always a special occasion but having it done in the family made the home a very sacred spot. The 11 grandchildren were as good as gold, or as good as the young ones could be. Lots of pictures followed.

Next official duty was the ladening the tables with the bounteous blessings we had prepared. Truly the tables were laden. I had cooked one turkey a day earlier...same with the pies and rolls and striped delight. So Thursday I just had the 2nd turkey to cook and all the veggies. Eating was a pleasure. And everyone was so helpful...especially Robert and Jordan and Ken who did the bulk of the washing up afterwards. Sure made things easier for me, I'll tell y'all.

We chatted for a bit but then started the next annual official event....the craft. Lucky for me, Dawn had come up with one and we had a great time. My best friend Pam and her husband Ken came to craft with us. Everyone completed at least one of the craft item.

Jocelyn's inlaws were able to sleep down at my neighbor's home (Daphne of the bulldogs) who was spending the weekend with her family in MI and so generously opened her home and freezer and frig to anyone and anything we needed. But here at 3830, we had bodies strewn everywhere.

Friday we hit the mall for a visit to Santa and a pix with all the 11 grands. Scarlett did NOT like Santa at all and screamed the whole time. But we managed to get a good pictures. There was the jumping on those huge trampolines but all those big enough and thin enough....not me! That was so much fun. But we followed that up with lunch at the Golden Coral. Home again, my aunt and uncle from Grafton arrived. For dinner that night we had Sliders....yum! I made plain ones for the kids and dirty ones for us.

Saturday saw everyone begin to depart. Sadly. Dawn was last to leave and before doing so we went with her family to the mall to shop for this n that....I'm not too sure we bought anything other than lunch. But Dawn helped me strip the beds, bathrooms, put things back to right, vacuum the carpets.

It was a lovely weekend. At one point Jocelyn made a comment to Robert that our home here at 3830 probably didn't have a roof, as all our relatives probably snuck in to peek at our lovely family activities. It was a thought to cherish. Mostly I cherish the idea that when they can, my kids and their families are still willing to drive home to play, party, celebrate, or just keep us company. Families are forever. I worry sometimes about the people who don't understand or even believe in this concept. I cannot imagine what it would be like to never see my family again after death. That always seems like such a long time, but I sure hope there was no roof on our home....that those that loved us in life, checked in on us on this perfect family day. (and my favorite moment? Had to be seeing all the females, right down to little Scarlett, wearing an apron)

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