Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanks Jocelyn

Jocelyn sent this to me yesterday to cheer me up. And it sure gave me something to laugh about for the evening. I would have put on the video here but I wasn't able to...probably because it was in the wrong format.....


Robert loved the muscle car....I loved being skinny again.....It's true about the cookies because once Dawn got old enough, I passed her that assignment and then it traveled down through all the kids...Cara, Jocelyn, Marissa and Jordan. Now we are stuck eating horrible cookies if I'm baking them....which is why I'm having second thoughts about the RS Cookie Exchange. Hmmmmmmmmmm?

But's for your chuckle of the day.


Lin said...

well I can't chuckle...but as for cookie exchanges-have someone at least one someone make some cookies that those of us who was sugar challenged can eat!

Dawn Mercedes said...

mck loved super dad and wants to make herself a super girl...b/c they dont' have "mck" on the list.

but I said tomorrow..I'm tired. Fun Clone Wars again. Ken came down about 8:30...Randy came home like..I dont' know just before 10pm. And we chatted till 11pm.

Fun to have fun friends.

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