Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday (and every day)'s Wake Up

Niko has this way of snuggling warm and lovely until he needs to go "out". Then he is on the floor, next to me, waking up his head and in doing so, his ears start to make this snapping sound. And I know it's time to get up and go downstairs (going downstairs is still something I'm trying to get used to in this new home). But once down, I'm fully awake and if I allow myself to think about it, I can get disgruntled. I wanna be one of those people who just go back to sleep or never even hear the snapping ears.

So this morning, this Saturday morning, I hear the 'snap' and now am browsing blogs. Last night at our wonderful Night in Bethlehem, Charlene told me about her daughter's mother-in-law who was in a repelling accident has been critically injured. So went abloggin' til I found the right blog. And the blog set up to keep all the family posted on the progress of this very young, but serious injured grandma. On it was this video which seemed to perfect for my wake up thoughts. So enjoy the video and think about the little granddaughter who posted this with a letter...demanding her to "for goodness sake, wake up grandma Trishy.

Click HERE for Trale's letter to her Grandma Trishy is you wish...but please add a prayer for this grandma who you don't know but who needs our support.


Lin said...

looks like a funny bert and ernie scene but can't hear what they are saying for the loud christmas music playing on your blog...i love the frowning eyebrows and can feel sympathy for your getting up and going downstairs to open the door for your niko. too bad he isn't small enough for a trap door to let himself out or you could nudge robert to get up!

Nicole said...

I hope you're feeling better! Our dog used to wake us up too, only she would just cry until you let her out.

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