Monday, December 15, 2008

Goals considering for 2009

Nothing too lofty. But more fun. I have gotten Kate's husband to agree to teach me to juggle which has been a goal for 2 years but still not met. Now I want to be Yuuki Spencer. So, who knows how or knows someone who knows yoyo?


Lin said...

well i figured out how to stop the christmas music, then watched the yoyo artist-pretty good. also realized i've missed a bunch of your posts because they weren't registering on my blog as being new. so i'll go back and read them now. good luck learning to juggle. frank w knew how from his stage performance as mario the marvelous magician in some play at byu whose name escapes me. he turned out to just like that character in the play.

Kate said...

I was just thinking about the juggling thing yesterday! Perhaps in January after thing slow down?

teamk said...

You and Sam can be YO-YO partners!

Rebecca Stay said...

David is an awesome Yo-Yo-er, but you'd need to go to Eugene for lessons. Not that that wouldn't be fun. . .!

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