Thursday, December 04, 2008

for Randy Bott

This is a Christmas Cactus (zygo-cactus, not a true cactus but I think it's more like a succulent. Randy would know for sure) and I must have done something correctly...or my dad did by ignoring it all year. But suddenly last weekend I noticed that I had flowers on one of the two that actually originally belonged to my mom. So they've been around for at least 5 years. Rather small, I guess, but perhaps I can get them healthier as I follow the instructions online.

I post this for Randy because he has the most amazing succulents you'd ever want to see. I usually seem pretty stupid to him with all my question but altho he chuckles, he answers me. But I have to say, this was fun to find the flowers. It's not going to stay on the windowsill, obviously, but was set there for the photoshoot! But for now, it reminds me of how special and fun this season is.

So today, I am grateful for growing all varieties. My kids, their spouses, my grandkids, the earth that is getting ready to hybernate, my marriage, my testimony, plants that haven't died, and now...for a lovely Christmas cactus....maybe I need more of these wonderful things.


Lin said...

lovely blooms. i have one of those plants and have ignored it but that didn't help. think it needs repotting.

Julie said...

Hi there! I like Randy Botts site also! He is such a succulent lover! Me too! I love your Christmas Cactus! My two have buds on them as well, and I can't wait to see my flowers. The biggest thing you have to do is keep them in solid 13 hours of pure darkness at night starting in Sept., and they will make blooms! Luckily mine were out on my screen porch this year and had enough darkness! Good luck with any further succulents you aquire!!!

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