Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A delightful phone call

Ring, Ring.

Hi....I hear your husband is a bishop.
Hello? Yes, he is...but who is this?
What? You don't know who this is? We grew up together. I know Rick.
Well I know Rick but who are you?
Guess....we ran into each other in Kirtland years ago.

Well, You aren't Rick, obviously...and you aren't Steve...and you don't sound like David....so tell me.



And from then on for almost 3 hours, Larry and I chatted. I would need to scramble through albums to get to ones from my youth but even then I doubt I would have a picture of Larry to share. I did run across an old notebook of mine not that long ago, which had "Larry" written in script. It actually was very pretty script and I was the one who wrote it....wow! Larry! I had such a huge crush on him all my teen years. What I remember is that he only had eyes for Cris but as he assured me yesterday he NEVER gave her any of those hickies she tried to cover up with turtlenecks in the heat of summer...Thank goodness.

Larry has lived quite the life and been many places, seen many things...and yet, here he was, calling me from LasVegas, where he is a counsellor to a bishop. And the funnest part as I related it all to Robert, was the Larry's speech was couched in words we know from scriptures. And they fell from his lips as easily as any other. I was very impressed.

And oh so many topics we covered. It was a joy. I tried calling 2 friends after we hung up....2 friends who would understand...but neither were home. So I just contented myself by wrapping myself in the warmth of friendship. A friendship that could continue tho years and miles have parted us. A friendship that spoke of real things, real emotions, real depths.

And today, I thought about another "friend" who I had held so dear for so long. But in the cyber world of exposures I realized she isn't what I thought she was. She lives in a world that she makes appear delightful and happy and yet to me at least it is built on sham. But when she was ready to lambast me, she did a perfect job of not living up to her own standards.

If you delete what you don't like, does that make things perfect? If you edit what people say so that no one takes it wrong, are you doing any justice to anyone? I accepted her view even though I was laughing later about how shallow she was in doing what she did the way she did. Do we live our lives so that we can cushion the world? I guess not in my world. She disappointed me and I doubt I'll get over it. I'll get through it, I suppose I already have...but over it? I don't think so.

In a world when so much is covered up and then exposed. In a world where fraud is the norm and then weeped over. That's where I know we all live...and deal. But in a world where expressions of self can be heard and dealt with, where people can have opinions even if they are different than mine, well, that's the world for me. I always say, Have an Opinion, even if it's different that mine...but at least have one. And allow me that same right.

Larry said he always knew I had opinions. And as we talked, we shared all sorts of opinions. Sadly, Larry says he's not much for computers. Darn....it would have been fun to get closer. But he knows he always has a place to stay should he come back East for any reason. The door is always open.

Thanks, Larry....for the call...for the talk...for reminding me that good things and true things can always be considered and talked out.


Lin said...

can you imagine the reunions we'll have in our next estate? with those we haven't seen forever. sounds like a great friend and he's still in the faith. amazing. life is full of surprises-both pleasant and otherwise...

Millie said...

Hey Susan...Is he single???

Dawn Mercedes said...

Fun phone calls! Luckily I have been able to catch up with a few of my highschool acquaintances thorugh the internet. It's always so interesting to see where they are at or what their lives are like.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You know I love that kind of stuff! Awesome!

mom/caryn said...

I wonder how he found you being unfamiliar with computers and the advantages they offer in locating old friends.

It sounds like a conversation to be treasured. One that will sneak up on you while doing the dishes and make you giggle or sigh... Those are rare and priceless.

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