Sunday, December 07, 2008


Yesterday was a fun day, a slow day, a quiet day. For the most part, I decorated. Doesn't it just give you the greatest pleasure to clean the house and then decorate? And THEN to sit back and in quiet, look around you and marvel at the season. Actually it was fun to find new places in this new home of ours for our old, familiar and comforting decorations. As I hung the ornaments I looked out the front window and there was this rather fat squirrel sitting on the "handcart", watching us. I wonder what he was thinking? Then we went outside and strung a couple of strands of lights on these 2 small evergreens off the patio. It was a bit sad since the one tree we used to string lights on was Jordan's evergreen, one of those McDonald seedlings he brought home when he was really, really young...that finally took off and is taller than our house at 809. It had been fun to watch him grow and then to see the tree outgrow him! Now that tree stands bare and lonely, I am sure!

Hillary and Jordan posted some cute pictures from Thanksgiving and their decorations this Christmas so I thought I would do likewise. Here you will see some of my favorite ornaments and decorations. The plaque I painted years ago, with all the holidays worshiping baby Jesus is one of my favorites, probably because I have always decorated for all the holidays. But it's a joy to look at new things as well as the old, the ones that came with me when I married, from our family tree. There are a couple of ornaments older than me. These are the really special ones, the ones I am most careful with when I wrap them til the next year.

(OH, if only you could have read what I just was very revealing about my attitude today but I don't think you wanna. The last line in the paragraph above the slide show is what caught my attention.)

And that made me stop and careful was I today in "wrapping" up the people I met. Sundays for me at least, are not the easiest some weeks. But sweet Donise sat down beside in choir, perturbed at what I was but only nicer....but what she said put things in better perspective for me. She said, I fear God. I answered her, I reverence Him. She repeated my statement and agreed. We do things, or should do things because we reverence Him and all He wants us to do...and that is to put aside our appetites and feast on other things. So thanks, Denise...altho you will never read this (you and even smarter Eliza), for putting me back on track.

Back to yesterday, last night was the perfect evening with our friends, Pam and Ken. We traveled on some slickery roads to get to Brunswick and enjoy an amazing dinner at the Mapleside Restaurant. The food, as always, was amazing. These friends, the best of ours, are one of a kind, and one with us. I never cease to me amazed at how caring and concerned they are for Robert and his stress. At one point Pam asked if the music was too loud for Robert's ears but really she was wondering if it was too much for his current stress level. And Ken drove all that way so Robert didn't have to....which is a bigger thing than any of you know right now. Naturally I forgot my camera and so we made do with Pam's cell phone. This is the best I can show you for the moment.

What was really cute, and very telling about the sort of people these friends are...when I had grabbed this busboy to snap these camera photos, he seemed happy enough but Ken held him back afterwards and handed him a typical of these thoughtful people.

Naturally we finished the evening by hitting Marc'! Pam and I love to find the goodies at Marc's and the boys are ever so much fun to follow behind us, or race ahead, and act like they are complaining....and then you oughta see us at the registers! Way too funny.

So our Saturday ended on a joyful note, particularly as we enjoyed the carols coming from the car....and all on a white and lovely winter night. And now Sunday is about to end...and I'm just glad Monday starts soon.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Love your decorations! I even saw my Shalom Peace cross-stitch! Merry Christmas!

Lin said...

wow a museum tree with lots of memories. guess I'll have to dig out my few decorations tomorrow starting with my nativity set. No one visits here for the holidays so I resist decorating but need some. Listened to tabernacle choir broadcast today and then sang carols at church so I know christmas is really coming after two plus months of the stores trying to get us to buy things...

mom/caryn said...

I love, LOVE Christmas! I love the music, the decorations, the hustle of baking and wrapping packages. I love the crowds, the window displays, having a cold nose while shopping for the perfect gifts. I love the lights everywhere, the kids squealing, and the abundance of Peppermint Ice Cream.
I also love the tender Carols, the silence of snowfall, the peace of a walk through the grove in winter garb. I love the landscapes monochromatic color schemes. I love the thoughts of people you haven't seen in too long creeping into your heart.

I love it ALL!!!

You had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas Season weekend. Thanks for sharing your joy in it with us.

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