Friday, December 19, 2008

Cookie Exchange

Last night I was able to host a Cookie Exchange (mainly because the assigned hostess, poor thing, had very sick children). 10 ladies took part. Each brought 6 dozen cookies and you know the rest. It was an easy evening. Robert had helped me clean up the house since I had spent the past 3 days working at Scholastic Warehouse Customer Appreciation Sale.

As these grand women arrived, they were kind enough to take a short tour of the main level of our home. Then we sat and chatted til it was time to divy up the cookies, nibbling as we went.

Everyone loves to have new recipes so if you go to the Recipe Club's blog, you can see pictures and the recipes. There are many I would like to try and if I don't get to them for Christmas they'll be there for afterwards.

I am posting this because I believe this party fulfills my 2008 goal of having/hosting/doing a party every month of the year. So hooray for me....and I survived the worries of the parties to actually live and write about it.

Now will learning to juggle and yoyo be more stressful in 2009? We shall see.


Lin said...

looks fun and tasty for those who aren't sugar challenged. the woman I visit teach who has diabetes also gave me a tin of danish sugar cookies today which my husband is greatly enjoying. I think she forgot I don't eat sugar but I did find some sugarfree cookies at the store to nibble on when the treats get eaten. I also downloaded a recipe for pumpkin pie from splenda to try-thought you'd want to

mom/caryn said...

YUM!! That makes a mighty pretty, inviting plate of calories.

Good for you, kiddo. A party every month and living to tell the tale. That's quite an accomplishment! I just try for one summer and one fall party. Poops me right out! Although I do love doing it!

Shelly said...

So sorry I missed it! Looks like fun and lots and lots of yummy cookies. I Look forward to it next month(at my house).

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