Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Eats

Tis the season for treats and more treats. And just when I was getting a hand on this portion control issue. But my s-i-l, Hank, sent me this cartoon..... And it certainly does say it all....and if it had said, Delete Chocolate...it might even have been worse for me.

I used to eat a lot more chocolate than I do today but the mere thought of having to give up cookies and chocolate, et al...makes me think I might have to give up life.

Now, I know Lin is going to have something to say about sugar. And she's probably dropping her weight like crazy now that she can't eat sugar. But for me, for now, it's crazy....thinking of having to be without sugar.

And yes, if I had to, I would live. I wouldn't sneak. I wouldn't pout. So instead, I'll sneak the chocolate/sugar/cookies and I will pout AS IF I would should I need to delete this stuff.

Thanx, Hank.


Lin said...

well, i went to two parties today and didn't eat any sugar but it's not easy...especially looking at brownies and chocolate chip cookies. but knowing that my body can't use the sugar and the results aren't pleasant is a great motivator...but i am not loosing weight unfortunately because there is still too much other good stuff to eat like bread, rolls, etc.

Millie said...

OOOOOPPS!!!! I am baking cookies for presents this year...Sorry... your cookie deleting skim might not work throughout this season. Thank God I am a vegan.

Jim McElroy said...

Chocolate is good for you -- but sugar that is sufficient to kick up your insulin level causes damage. But you cook, right? Try to figure out how to make good chocolate using xylitol or stevia.

I have purchased xylitol from KAL, a nutritional supplement manufacturer. In the form I got, it was a white granular material that looks the same as table sugar and tastes almost exactly the same (sort of like sugar with a slight "coolness" as an undertone.) At any rate, xylitol has a low glycemic index and can be used by people with insulin resistance or diabetes.

The stevia I have seen is a fine white powder (like flour) and is about 300 times sweeter than sugar, and has a "licorice" undertone. I don't like it as well.

Neither of these sweeteners works well in cake recipes which require a chemical reaction between sugar and wheat to get the right flavor and texture. I have, however, made hot chocolate from unsweetened chocolate, milk and xylitol and it is good!

If you have a sugar tolerance problem, then all the foods with a high glycemic index are bad news for you. Simple carbohydrates covert very quickly to sugar in the digestive system. Look here for some information:


Best regards,

mom/caryn said...

Christmas without chocolate would indeed be a strange (and at least initially, a somewhat sad) holiday for me. Since I can't eat my mom's cookies anymore, I'm okay withut most of those. But, it's a mighty tough thing for me to walk past a brownie, a piece or ten of Almond Roca, or a dark chocolate lemon truffle.

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