Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It has been commented that this blog has stalled...and stalled it has. I was so busy with the 2008 RS Holiday dinner and followed that up with getting a slight case of the virus that struck Robert down. Now I'm gearing up for a super Thanksgiving here at our home, new to us. It's a bit daunting but I know it will be fun. I've headed out and have most of my Christmas gifts bought. I need a birthday gift for my best friend and have no idea what to I'm asking............major type suggestions. Pam and I are Twinkies and yet the total opposite. Can you grasp that concept? It's a hard one I know. But I need help.

I have just posted pictures from this Holiday night. We had such a lovely night. The food was good and the recipes are posted here. I had intended to ask a trivial question during the night...Why did I plan and serve Italian? But the presidency wasn't very good about keeping that quiet beforehand PLUS we had too much fun with the gift exchange. But I chose Italian because one night as I was fussing about the menu, I realized that the Italian flag was red, green, and white...Perfect for Christmas. So all the food was Italian and the colors were all there.

The gift exchange was actually a White Elephant but we had asked for a nice white elephant gift...not some junk you hate. Just something you've been storing, or planning to regift, and never have. In March we had had a night that included dejunking. We encouraged the ladies to find something they had that they didn't want/need. The gifts were absolutely amazing. There was this one thing I had hoped to exchange but lost out on. I survived. But it was so much fun. I was amazed how some ladies are too sweet to steal. I'd be stealing if it wasn't my activity. I'd be stealing bigtime. Altho, I have to admit...opening gifts have always been my downfall and my sneaky pleasure.

So, now on to other trivial matters to the day.

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Lin said...

susi is back...welcome back susi

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