Sunday, November 02, 2008

Robert's poem

I know I've posted so many entries in the past 2 days and perhaps you didn't catch them all, but that's OK...they were things I just thought I wanted to record for my kids. For those of you who watched, read and responded...thanks.

After Jordan was going on about the damper/flue etc on the fireplace, Robert was brought to a remembrance of the first talk he gave in Primary. He tells us that he doesn't remember the talk but he does remember the poem. The topic was the Word of Wisdom. So here's the last video presentation from a weekend ago.


Lin said...

how funny and I could just picture Marion in my mind helping her youngest son learned that for Primary. She was quite the individual.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Papa needs to keep repeating that one! haha

heather said...

That makes me miss your family.

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