Saturday, November 22, 2008

Modern Conveniences

Being sick for me means that when I can take long, leisurely soaks...adding Calgon (and be taken away) or BBW oils (and smell myself into a better place) or just plain ordinary bubbles and be glad. This bathtub we have now, I have recently learned, has heating pipes that run underneath wonder the water never gets cold like it did at "The Little House That Could and Did." so there have been long moments the past couple of weeks where I soaked my miseries away and had plenty of time to think.

What came to me this week was that I could not have survived the era in which I had always told myself I should have been born. When I was very young, I read Celia Garth, by Gwen Bristow (just read that it came out in 1959 so it wasn't as old as I thought it was when i read was practically did that happen?). It has always been one of my favorite books and now I wonder where it is (so if I loaned it to someone, please let me know you have it and return it). This story was set in the Revolutionary Days of the American birth. I met the Swamp Fox Marian in this book, learned about spies, and the delights of an era when there were such refined manners and ways. Oh how I longed to have been a part of that era.

But now? Could I walk everywhere? Would I be content with a wet cloth or a river bath? When I had to knit everything for survival would I have enjoyed it as much? Could I have sewn clothes forever without a sewing machine and done the fine needlework that was esteemed back then? Would I be happy cooking over a fire? Probably no to all those wonderings.

But would I have loved the elegance? You bet. And the Sabbath day observances. Sure. Would I have enjoyed being a spy....absolutely....why else have I loved being a muchraker. Would I have fought for an independent nation or sided with the redcoats? Being the independent and slightly radical person that I am in so many ways, I think the former...but you never know.

Maybe I need to soak a few more hours to get a real grip on things...or do you think I was send down here at the perfect time for be able to imagine the past and learn to look forward to the future unknowns. How many more inventions will I enjoy before I'm done? How many iPod touches will thrill me? What more computer things can I learn? How fast can a picture be taken and transmitted? So much left to conquer.


Nikki said...

I love taking long leisurely bubble baths. I have been sick this week too and have taken quite a few. But I enjoy them even when I am not sick. I also Love love love the book Celia Garth. I read it recently as a recommendation from my sister-in-law and I really enjoyed it.

mom/caryn said...

I can't imagine living without sunglasses and mosquito repellent. That's how spoiled I am. NO! I would not have liked livingin another era. I think we were all sent here at the time that was best for us. I used to think I'd like to have lived in the Pacific Islands a century or two ago... but, I probably would have been bored. Or I thought I wanted to be an Indian princess. What?? I would have hated that nomadic life. Chewing on leather?

Can you imagine life with no relief from a toothache, arthritis, a burn? Nah, me neither.... Just sit back in that tub and love where you are.

Lin said...

no regrets is the way to live and with gratitude for what we have...your tub sounds lovely.

Karen Ahlstrom said...

I have exactly the same thoughts every time I take a nice hot shower and feel the water soaking into my hair. Of course, if I could fit comfortably into a bathtub, I'd probabl enjoy soaking in a bath more-- there's always som part of me that has to be out of the water and cold.

Millie said...

Ahh....Calgon take me away!...Like Martha says...Its a good thing.


kimlis said...


I'll look for the book. I loved the movie about Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. My grampa had the same name -- the Francis Marion part. I've been looking for a good read....

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