Sunday, November 02, 2008

I got tagged


7 weird things about me? You gotta be kidding...I'm truly not that weird...but here goes:

1. I have a favorite snack...a regular size Hershey bar, with Lay's potato chips, and a tall glass of very cold milk.

2. I do NOT like oatmeal. On cold, wintry mornings I still eat Gerber's Mixed Baby cereal made with milk and lots of sugar.

3. I love to knit...just need more time and more yarn and more patterns.

4. I LOVE my iPod....just need more time to listen to the audio books I ripped to it in getting ready for the next volume in the Inkheart series and before the movie comes out on Jan 23.

5. I always wanted to go to Space Camp...and one of the moms who I babysat for when I ran my daycare, actually offered to send me. But it was way to costly. For me, it was word for deed and I was most grateful.

6. A neighbor boy pulled me off my bike when i was in 4th grade, broke my elbow. The resident on duty in the ER set it incorrectly and now my elbow bends in a crazy way. Freaks some people out.

7. I'm so disgusted at the choices I have for President of the US, that I want to vote for myself. And I just might!

And I will tag: Cristal, Naomi, Dawn, Tonya, Terra, Meta, and Marci.

1 comment:

Lin said...

hey thanks for participating in the tag...I learned some new things about you. I'd vote for you for president even if your elbow is weird...I knew about your snack and knitting. I still don't have an ipod. I would have liked to go to space camp too. take care susi q

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