Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to you all

As with most of you, I am sure going to be busy for the rest of this week. Right now my head is spinning with my lists and countertops filled. But it's going to be a wonderful first thanksgiving in our new home. We are up to 24 for dinner. 4 of our 5 kids will be here while the one is traveling at this moment to Texas to party with her inlaws. She's sad...we are sad...but that's how things work out. We will be blessing Jocelyn's month old Autumn here before dinner. Everyone is bringing some sort of canned goods or food stuff and we will all assemble the stuff together.

Last night as we were readying the beds in the basement, it dawned on me that we had 4 extra dining room chairs. THEN Robert commented that we also had another dining room table with 2 leaves right beside us, covered in things yet to find a home...that was from my childhood home and altho it's seen better days, a Drexel piece of furniture lasts a long time when it's as well cared for as my mom's was. So we are set with now 3 extending tables. So it'll be either one long one or an L-shaped tabled, snaking around from the dining room and into the living room.

Thankfully my oldest, Dawn, is set to arrive early Wednesday. If you ever want anyone to help you, the one who inherited my mother's genes and capabilities, then call on her. I am so grateful she'll be here. She can do and does do everything and quickly. I think I used to be like her before I got old. Now my brain is just fried and I seem to put off until too late things that need to be done. I fuss and worry and then can't sleep...which is why I first got up at 3am today to only sit and watch TV and try to will myself back to sleep. But Dawn will be here in a day and then all will be well. And by night everyone will be here and it will be perfect. So, until I blog again, I leave you with a great idea....why am I cooking 2 twenty-one pound birds when one Big Bird would have been perfect. Sorry Dawn...and all kids who like Sesame Street (I never did so I love this cartoon...to be accurate, I liked the Muppet Show, just not Sesame Street).


Lin said...

sounds glorious, something to be thankful for and a new baby to bless. congrats and enjoy.

mom/caryn said...

Well it certainly sounds as if you are on your way to one of the Happpiest Thanksgivings recorded in your families history.

Enjoy! I'll be anxious to have you share some of your good times with us when the holiday is past and you've have a minute to rest your feet.

Ben McElroy said...

Have fun and enjoy the family time!

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