Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day 2008

Yesterday I posted a video that had me in a coughing spasm. This morning, however, one of my RedHat friends sent me this video...and I sit here in tears. Amazed and grateful at the thought that I was allowed to be born in this country...for all its good and ills. I have said so often that I would rather write in my own name for President rather than vote for these 2 men...but I know that I have to vote for one of them. One scares the heeby jeebies out of me and I fear he will most definitely lead us down a very dark path. As we are told to Liken truths we read to the situations we find ourselves in, I find that man clothed in dark plans. Glib tongue, yes. Spouting fine ideals but they are ideals he can't possibly meet. The other man...well, I think he's out of touch with today. His ideals may be fine for a past but how will he make them work in a time when we have few ideals, few who want to believe in a God or His words. But today I won't be the undetermined, unvoted majority. I'll just hope I vote for the best man...and I can't say who that will be until I am actually in the voting booth. I'm swayed. But for now...please watch, listen, and pray for the man who will be elected tonight. (and this video was made with 4 choirs...including a children's choir, a small orchestra and the high trumpet notes at the end are actually performed by high school students)


Kate said...

I agree about voting. Hard to choose the lesser evil. I voted b/c of the most important issue, the schools. :)

mom/caryn said...

First... thank you for sharing this uplifting video. I have been hungering for something of this nature after all of the bickering, backbiting and cruelty on the news. I agree with you on the voting issue completely. We are two out of three in our blogging community who are not dazzled by Barack Obama. I voted for a system of checks and balances.

Lin said...

very nice video, thanks for sharing. I'll support your candidate if he wins and if mine wins I hope you'll support him. That's what America and choice is all about. I think Obama has a good heart and will do an outstanding job as president if elected. He will also help build bridges in reestablishing America's respect and place in the world. We've voted, now we just have to wait for the results. Exciting!

Boom said...


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