Saturday, November 01, 2008

All Saints Day

Today is Nov. 1....All Saints Day. My parents were married on this date in 1945 and Robert proposed to me on this date in 1971. It's a lovely day, actually...we don't honor any saints in our church but attempt to make ourselves into people who are good and dedicated.

This actually has been quite a week for us. It was Robert's vacation and we had hoped to visit with the new baby in PA but Robert became very ill last weekend and spent the ENTIRE week in bed. It was really awful. Our fence was finally moved out and now encloses a much larger back yard...which in time will be turned into our garden space. We have raspberry and blackberry canes to come up here from the old house and I am still holding out hope that my peach tree, young as it is, can also be transplanted.
It takes a bit of getting used to in viewing the backyard. The brick pathway that you see in the middle of the picture is where the west side of the fence used to be, and that's where the gate opened up onto Warwick. Obviously from the photos you can see that there is still much to be done. Apparently you must keep "fuel" for the fireplace at least 30 feet from the house...I think that's because of varmits. We also had Chimney Crickets come out and check our fireplace. They removed the airtight insert and it's all in good working order. That makes us most happy. We had a fire in it last weekend when Hillary and Jordan were here but now we can plan on having lovely heat all winter.
See Niko by the gate...which now opens to the North, rather than to the West. The white fencing is from another area that bonpapa had put up. Not sure where it will go, if at all...but for now, it's leaning. The fence hasn't been stained yet and we hope to get it done before winter sets in.

I suppose that the best part of the week was a dream I had Thursday night. I awoke on Friday with a complete feeling of being at peace in this new home of ours. In my dream, the only bit that I remember was 'dancing' in fairy feet through the enlarged backyard and being happy. I think that's a good sign. Thanx, Mom!


mom/caryn said...

lol... I would most definitely take a dream "dancing in fairie feet" as a good sign!

Looks like the yard is going to be a bit of a project, and a complete joy for many future family activities. Congratulations on having some new space to stretch your dreams even further.

Dawn Mercedes said...

wow...what a great yard for a garden!hehe

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