Monday, October 20, 2008

TIMBERRRRRR......all for naught!

(I'm putting this PS at the top just to set things straight. The tree had to come down because the roots were huge and were causing the sidewalk to become over 45 degrees up...tripping people and the city frowns on this. I was sad...VERY sad. Not all the trees in our city are coming down....but the ones on this one side of this corner because they are installing new gas lines. I am not happy with tree I could let go of...but not I have written to the city to see if this story from our neighbor could possibly be incorrect. Thanx for asking)

See this lovely woodland scene? See the leaves beginning to turn? This isn't really a woodland scene in the normal sense. It's actually a tree that's being felled. Robert had started the process last week as I spazzed out with worry that he'd die (yes, I'm still in this death mode). Not exactly sure who heard my pleas but Randy Stay offered to come help this afternoon and I was so relieved. After some discussion on where the wedge is placed so that the final huge treetop would fall in the correct place, Robert began the cutting.
Randy stood guard on the rope and shouted directions and encouragement. It was about at this time that I drove in from the store...and worry began anew.

Mr. Wagner from across the street came over to do three, "help" hold onto the rope with Randy, and then brought the news (which we hadn't heard) that the city is going to install new gas lines/meter and all the trees on our tree lawn are going to be cut down anyway. Typical, but isn't that how these things always go?

But sweet Randy always has the best outlook. I am suggesting it is good experience for Robert and Randy adds it is good experience for our CERT Training... another blog entry that I didn't get to last week...maybe tomorrow. But for a preview...Robert and I are being trained to be part of the Lorain County Emergency Management Team. More on that tomorrow.... But for now... the tree is gone. The logs are being cut for use NEXT winter in our woodburner. There's all sorts of storage, isn't there?


Dawn Mercedes said...

yeah! just make sure you have enough marshmellows, crackers and Hershey Bars! haha

Lin said...

wow you are cutting down trees. we would love to have more trees on our property...looks scary.

mom/caryn said...

Okay... I'm just feeling sad. Did you say that there were plans for the city to cut down ALL of the trees on your tree lawn? Why on earth do they need to do that? Are you okay with that? Aaugghhh..

Anyway, I'm happy to hear your hubby and his work crew all completed the task unscathed, that the tree is down (why again?) and that you will be toasty warm next winter.

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