Thursday, October 16, 2008

Picture Tag

I think I am the SUSAN that Kate tagged....and if I'm not...then I'm going to do it anyway. It's one of the better tags I've ever seen.

You go to your MY PICTURES, select the 4th folder and then the 4th picture...and just post that picture. Here's mine.

This picture was taken at the Ward Primary Summer fun evening. Lots of kids, lots of parents, and HOT.....and you all know how I feel about the out of doors. But when you compound it with me not sweating ever, heat just about does me in. But it was a super event and the kids loved running free...and free for all.

This was a popcorn relay. Kids had to strap on the plastic cups to their feet, fill the cups with popcorn and go the distance. In the far back, you can see Todd...then there's Jen who went to school with Dawn, and Tina (pg Tina...poor thing...but she delivered the newborn last week) and Robert, who looks more like he wants to eat the popcorn than relay it...and oh yes, Robert loves the fake (microwave) popcorn...whereas I love the real stuff, especially in the theaters when you can get LAYERS OF BUTTER (layers...that's what it's called these days). You can see how involved the kids are in getting into the game. All the games were like this.

Thanx Kate....whether or not it's me you tagged....and thanx Primary workers for the fun night.

Now, I tag 4 more............
Nikki...cuz she has fun laughable stories that remind me of the times my kids were her kids' ages
Phyllis...cuz she has become our family's personal photographer for most of the weddings and she hasn't figured out how to post a pix on her blog...and now she will have to (call and I'll walk you through this).
Nicole...who lives in Hawaii and has get kids and great scenes...and recipes and activities, etc.
Rebecca...who has this great blog about things to do with kids.....and it's new...and perhaps some of you haven't ever seen it.


Kate said...

Yep, you're the one I tagged. Nice photo, I was supposed to be helping with that game but had to hurry home to a sick kiddo.

Lin said...

fun idea, I'll look in my picture folders and see what comes up and perhaps post it tomorrow.

Shelly said...

Yes, I rember that evening well.

kimlis said...

Thanks, Susan, for the wedding honorific and for the motivation to learn something new...

I'm working on it....

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