Tuesday, October 14, 2008

learn the 50 states and capitols



mom/caryn said...

It's been fifty years since I could recite all fifty states and their capitols. It might be fun to be able to do it again,. I'd shock the heck out of my grandson..
that alone would make it worth the effort of memorizing them.

I would like to e-mail you... Your last comment on my blog got the gears in my brain cranked up.
I think I'll try and figure out how to do that soon. You do have a way of giving my cerebral regions a solid workout.

Lin said...

cute video I had forgotten many of them, used to know them all in grade school. amazing all the things you learn and then forget...

Kate said...

I always loved the animaniacs when I was a kid. I used to know all the states and capitols, I could do most of them but I'm sure I'd miss a few. I also used to know all the countries and their capitols but that info has long been forgotten.

kimlis said...

Mom and I (as an adult) used to play a game whereby we would list all 50 states in alphabetical order with their capitals -- from memory. It was something fun to do driving somewhere or for entertainment on a summer's eve. I can still do it, more or less.

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