Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm Not Dead Yet....Stan

We spent the weekendin PA with Jocelyn's family. I had several entries going through my head before and during our trip but they never made it to the blog....but they will. Actually you'll be reading 3 about death but I'm starting with today and working backwards...maybe cuz this is the funniest.

This morning, I got an email asking about the death of a man. I hadn't heard, nor had Robert. I made one phone call..ONE!...and no one had heard of this event so I just figured if it was we'd hear sooner or later. While getting the morning going, I got a phone call from another man who had heard the story and he called to tell me there's this nasty rumor going around and to make sure it got stopped. Personally I didn't find it nasty but it was funny...the man is not yet dead, by the way.

That lead me to tell this last caller of an event that happened in our neighborhood a few years ago. Linda called to tell me that a "grampa" on my street, on my block had died. Not only did I know the grampa and his wife, I knew the sons and the grandsons. I prepared a meal, took it up to the one son I've known forever. The wife answers the door and is stunned to hear that her father-in-law had died. Guess what? He hadn't...but they did enjoy the meal. I went home and called Linda and asked, who did you hear this from? She told me she heard it from Bill. BILL? I screamed! Why would you tell me a story from someone who, tho perfectly lovely, is a big drinker and got this from the VFW? Another couple of years passed and grampa did, indeed, pass away. This time, the son called to let me know that THIS time, it was true...his dad had died. We all still got a good laugh at it, even at the funeral home.

Specific details of this story may be fudged a bit, memory being what it is in old folks like me....but the gist of the story is there. And it is so delightfully connected with the initial email. But I reflect on the times when I have been comforted by people I didn't even know knew that my mom or my dad had died...and they got it all by word of mouth. Sometimes we get a bit too closed in, too careful about our concern. Better to be concerned and care and call and take in a meal rather than do nothing.

So in an attempt to end this with a funny, here's a snippet from the very funny Spamalot....I doubt the "dead" man today would ever go see this show, nor will he ever see this blog. But for the rest of you, enjoy. ('s the only t-shirt I was ever attempted to buy once I had gone to one of these was black with the words...I'm Not Dead Yet"....may still have to buy one after today..I don't want to go on the cart yet either!)


Kate said...

I havne't seen spamalot but that is my favorite Holy Grail scene. Thanks for the laugh

Lin said...

funny, I really enjoyed watching it. never heard of spamalot but got the connection. I always wonder if those who die with very old worn out bodies dont do a little spirit dance to be free again. wish i could dance like the "dead man" does-he has no much energy. thanks for a laugh.

Mare said...

Thanks for stopping by my site...we both probably have many marching band memories.
And wouldn't it be great if the rest of the world could slow down and have an 'aha!' moment like you did.
I absolutely love your "To live content with small means; ...etc.

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